A Voice for God

Touched By Grace

The power of grace opens our hearts. The abundance of God’s love gives us the courage to become honest, accepting, forgiving, and genuinely humble. We see our past has fittingly brought each of us to today, now, exactly where we need to be. Awakened, we accept responsibility for our thoughts, actions, and reactions. We desire to be of maximum service to God and humanity. Looking back we see each of our lives has become a story.

Our stories of spiritual awakening are about perception forever changed; personal transformations, timeless, and universal; stories about miracles; lost souls opening to a touch of grace. In the process of telling our stories we reveal our innermost self to others and others relate to us. We awaken other souls by sharing our journies; sharing our experiences, strengths, and hopes. Our stories are voices for God.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection and the path to the feeling of worthiness. If it doesn’t feel vulnerable, the sharing is probably not constructive” ~ Brene Brown

Our Whispering Heart encourages you to write and publish your story. As you share your story, you drop the bondage of your past. You create room for forgiveness, empathy, and love. You find new freedom as you detach and laugh at the insanity of your old ideas. Your story might be a flash of insight, a realization, an inspiration, or a lifelong journey.  You create a space that will awaken another.

Release the Past in the Present

Stories are Healing

Without spiritual awareness we lack the discernment to clearly see our motives and self-centered expectations. We forget the present moment. We become lost within our thoughts; captured by dreams of the future and memories of the past. Resentments prevent acceptance and forgiveness. Unaware, an attitude motivated by self-centered fear separates us from each other and God.

When we are ready it takes just an instant to release our judgments, conditioned beliefs, and intellectual rationalizations. With new attitudes come new opportunities. Everything changes when our perspective changes. We see with fresh eyes, we hear with new ears, we find acceptance and forgiveness.  Acceptance replaces resistance and our soul is filled with love’s presence.

“Miracles are both beginning and endings, and they alter the temporal order. They are affirmations of rebirth, which seem to go back but really go forward. They undo the past in the present, and thus release the future.” ~ ACIM Principles of Miracles, #13

Your story of experience, strength, and hope is a voice for God; an offering from your heart. Grace dissolves all barriers and invokes compassion and understanding. Your job is to share with honesty, humility, and vulnerability. By telling your story God’s love releases your fears and shame. You realize you are worthy, loveable and complete, just as you are. Accepting Love, you recognize how to love others and yourself.

Living in Love's Presence

Our Stories of Awakening

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Stories | Our Whispering Heart

Becoming aware of the difference between what I want and how I ask

Horses continue to provide an excellent feedback mechanism. Within the past few weeks, Carlos my 6-year-old gelding, helped me clearly see the disconnect between how I am asking and what I desire. Let me provide an example. The other day when riding Carlos I planed a 180-degree turn with a radius of say 10 meters....
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Stories | Our Whispering Heart

Celebrating Life

In this world, we are born innocent children. With time we came to experience our body, our parents, our brothers, and sisters. We formed opinions and judgments about the meaning of life.  Our ego evolved into our identity needing the approval of others and righteousness to survive. At times we become a victim of the world....
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Stories | Our Whispering Heart

Relationships – Beyond Perception

Using words to express our heartfelt awareness is challenging. Words are buckets of perception linked together in an attempt to share a personal experience, feeling or idea. Words are like features on a map. Openness and shared experience make communication possible. Through God’s grace, we begin to understand each other; we offer empathy, we join...
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Stories | Our Whispering Heart

Halloween – an Opportunity to Look Straight into the Eyes of Fear

Fear is an energy, and if we are not aware, it becomes our higher power. Fear wears the costume of truth created within our imagination. Fear expands into all there is. Fear becomes our friend without our knowing. Fear will take us to our grave. Love is an energy, and, if we choose, replaces fear....
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Healing Our Self and Others Too

Share Your Story

Tell us how God’s grace has touched your heart and healed your soul. You might choose to tell us about a simple act of awakening, seeing with new eyes, or an epiphany offering new insight, perception or understanding. Maybe you want to tell the story of overcoming an addiction or how surrender allows God to do for you what you are incapable of doing by yourself.

“Our stories describe in a general way what we used to be like, what happened and what we are like now.” Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book, Chapter 5

Write your story within the attitude of Prayerful Responding. PAUSE and open to God; open to love, compassion, and joy. It’s your story! Tell it from your heart. Honesty in all forms is essential. Remember to focus on yourself. Share your fears, feelings, emotions, and gratitude. Tell us how your attitude changed, what changed it, and what your life is like now. Send us your story of awakening.


Our Gratitude

We wish to express our gratitude to the many teachers, gurus, and friends that have crossed our paths and remain in our hearts. Each of you is significant, serving as a Voice for God. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary gifts and valuable lessons.

May you find God’s presence in your heart.
AUM, Shanti, Peace, Namaste.