Starting my day with Our Whispering Heart

So many choices, which strikes me today? I’ve meditated to each of the selections and find in each an opportunity to gain conscience contact.

Today I chose the latest meditation and find myself, even hours after the practice, coming back to that sacred place; reminding myself in each moment that conscience contact is always an inside job. Oh sure, my mind wanders continuously, but starting my day with Our Whispering Heart I find it easier to keep coming back to my breath, the present moment and God’s Grace throughout the day. It’s as though my body remembers deeper than my mind, which flits and scurries about on its merry way to non-consequence.

These meditations strengthen my ability to open my spiritual eyes, ears, and heart to that which God would have me see, hear and feel; thus improving my ability to consciously awaken to the moments that really matter in my life and my interactions. Thanks for guiding and sharing, David.

~ Kit, December 15, 2017

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