Using words to express our heartfelt awareness is challenging. Words are buckets of perception linked together in an attempt to share a personal experience, feeling or idea. Words are like features on a map.

Openness and shared experience make communication possible. Through God’s grace, we begin to understand each other; we offer empathy, we join in unity, we experience relationship. PAUSE and allow the heart to inform the selection of words. Trust our higher power will join us in a relationship of healing and recovery.

Life takes place within a relationship just as a wave is in association with the depth of the ocean and the air above it. It is the nature of experience to define relationships, moment by moment, within the frame judgment. By its very nature perception, just like words, limit connections.

Now, let’s consider perception as a function of the ego vs. awareness as a heartfelt observation detached from our ego. Perception judges and defines an experience within time and inference. Judgment requires belief, and these limits are our perception.

Awareness is not dependent on past experience or belief. Awareness is timeless, without judgment and does not ask us to decide. Our innocent presence is all that is required. Has an awareness of I AM changed with time? Or is it our perception of I AM that has changed.

Freedom is the ability to choose our action or reaction. PAUSE to recognize the motive underneath the thought.  Ask, what am I about to create?  Do I genuinely want this creation in my life?  Am I creating unity, acceptance, joy, gratitude, peace and welcome?

Relationships are interaction. Realize, we choose our interpretation of the experience within a relationship. Let us be willing to turn to our higher power. Be the courage to set aside the limiting beliefs. Choose from the heart.

Realize the opportunity to explore our part in the experience of relationships. Rest awareness in the heart and be free of the judgment of perception. Awaken forgiveness. Release the ego and experience is no longer framed in time.  Be the expression of acceptance and love.

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