Prayer by Saint Simeon the new theologian

Every day you should pray warmly to God, and say:

“God, Lord of hosts, Who hath power over every breath and every soul, Thou who alone canst cure me, hear my prayer and send Thy Holy Spirit to kill and destroy the serpent nesting in this poor wretch. Teach and direct me, naked as I am and destitute of all virtue, to fall at the feet of my father and move his holy soul to mercy and compassion towards me. Grant O Lord, humility to my heart and grant me the thoughts of a sinner who has resolved to bring his repentance to Thee, which professed Thee and chose Thee, and preferred Thee over the world. Thou knowest, Lord, how I desire salvation, though my evil habits obstruct my way. But to Thee, Lord, all is possible that to men is impossible.”

From ~ Writings from the Philokalia on Prayer of the Heart, pp105

About St. Simeon 949 to 1022 AD

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