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Stories | Our Whispering Heart

Becoming aware of the difference between what I want and how I ask

Horses continue to provide an excellent feedback mechanism. Within the past few weeks, Carlos my 6-year-old gelding, helped me clearly see the disconnect between how...
Stories | Our Whispering Heart

Celebrating Life

In this world, we are born innocent children. With time we came to experience our body, our parents, our brothers, and sisters. We formed opinions...
Stories | Our Whispering Heart

Relationships – Beyond Perception

Using words to express our heartfelt awareness is challenging. Words are buckets of perception linked together in an attempt to share a personal experience, feeling...
Stories | Our Whispering Heart

Halloween – an Opportunity to Look Straight into the Eyes of Fear

Fear is an energy, and if we are not aware, it becomes our higher power. Fear wears the costume of truth created within our imagination....