The first step to listening within your heart for the guidance of the Holy Spirit is prayer. To truly hear Him you must pray in a way that opens your heart to Him. Prayer is not a time of asking for what you want. Prayer is a time of putting aside that which you want and opening your being to any guidance that He would give. Prayer is a time of gratitude for His love and wisdom. Prayer is a time of total surrender. You seek nothing less than His love, His wisdom, and His guidance.

Therefore, pray this way:

Father, I do not know what is best for me now, in this time and this place, that I may be lead back to You. Because I cannot see the path I am ready to walk, take my hand and send me your Voice to guide me. I shall go where it asks me to go, and I shall do as it asks me to do in joy and peace and certainty.

The second step to listening for guidance is this:

You must trust.

You must not only trust the Voice and guidance you will receive; you must also trust yourself. Guidance comes through you from your knowing that which is beyond conscious choice. To doubt yourself is to doubt your guidance. So you must trust yourself and trust what comes.


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